Saturday, December 17, 2011

Freedom at Last: Winter Break Begins

John is a free man…at least for 3 weeks. So far winter break is off to a good start, Thursday we indulged in JAMM’s frozen yogurt while watching it snow, Friday we celebrated the season with Ryan and Kalie eating Mexican and PEZ’s. Today we visited Spokane and ate at Red Robin. I’m noticing a bit of a theme surrounding food. J In spite of all the amazing food and company, I think the best part of break thus far was the four hours driving to and from Spokane. Getting to chat with John about a diverse range of topics was wonderful, as it always is. After discussing micro and macro-economic issues (I love that John has taken an Economics course) the conversation turned towards the legalization of same-gender marriage.  John tried valiantly to provide me with a good secular reason for why this is not healthy for society (don’t worry, I very much understand and agree with God’s view on this issue), however I wasn’t satisfied. Any thoughts? Why shouldn’t a society legalize same-gender marriage?  
On a lighter note I apparently need to repeat kindergarten. Today I figured out why my contacts were not working…I’ve been putting the right eye in the left and vice a versa. J You can only imagine how much fun John has with me as his co-pilot.
God Bless,

Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Introduction...

After four months in the far off lands of Moscow, ID I decided that I wanted to find a way to connect and let people in Olympia know how John and I are doing.  While we have so many technological ways to connect, cell phones, Facebook, e-mail, life can still feel very isolating. My prayer is that this blog will help bridge the gap where other technological tools have failed to do so.
So what is life like for John, Sammy and I? Cold…very cold.  Our highs are in the mid 30’s, and I’m told by the residents that so far this has been an abnormally warm winter. I like to think I brought a bit of Olympia with me.
On the school front, John is prepping for finals and all to ready to be done and enjoy temporary freedom.  Personally, I’m ready to have my husband back.
God Bless,